Scoka  Gardens

We provide a wide range of gardening services on the Sunshine Coast and the surrounding Islands. 

"When we bought the house, never could we have imagined what a tangled mess the garden would be, come the warm weather.  What to do? Fortunately Scott was recommended and everything changed. After months of hard labour and sheer determination the garden is now a place of beauty.  Scott is a very hard working, dedicated, wonderful man who took on the challenge with good humour and great patience as he worked through the tangeled mess with significant budget restraints. He would listen, respond, advise, suggest, try again, move it one more time, haul the seemingly never-ending loads of debris, come back, work hard again, haul away again.  On and on.. until it was done!  Well, gardening is never done and so the journey continues.  He is recommended."



Sunshine Coast

"With gardening expertise, knowledge and hardwork, Scott has re-designed the top part of my garden, which I am very pleased with. I highly recommend him."


“I enjoyed planting the 4 different hedges on our new mountainside home and then watching them grow into a solid hedge.  I enjoyed trimming them and shaping them.  But as the years went by they kept on growing and growing until it got to be a major operation.  That’s where Scott stepped in and took over the annual chore.  It was worth every penny.” 

AK, West Vancouver